Getting Started

  • Jolt makes it incredibly easy for anyone to quickly create and maintain a professional-quality blog for their Shopify store.
  • To get started with Jolt simply enter a prompt in the article generation box and click generate.
  • For the best results, use as much detail as possible in your prompt.
  • It’s important to remember that once an article is generated, it will not be visible on your site until you manually make it visible.
  • You can click on a generated article at anytime to edit it in the Shopify blog editor.
  • Images can be generated for any article, whether they were created by Jolt or written manually.
  • Simply click “Generate Image” next to an article and enter a prompt for the image you’d like to generate.
  • Once the image is generated you can either save it to the article or click generate again to create a different image based on the same prompt.